21- Matt Tagger: Running With Scissors

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Nikki deals with two mysteries over the holiday vacation.   Her adopted mother, Dru, tells her the new client has the same unique name as her birth mother. The two women investigate the stranger; is she or isn’t she?  If she is, does she know?  
Rescued horse Arcturus, is losing weight and Nikki needs to find the reason why before the mystery illness becomes life threatening.
13- MATT:  Rescue or Recover

The  family gathers at the ranch for the fall cattle drive and it’s the Tagger Herd
under saddle for their first big ride.  But when a near tragedy strikes and
sidelines the adults, Grace takes charge.  She leads the kids into saving the
weekend and bringing in the herd!  


Changes are inevitable in life but for Nikki they send her on an emotional rollercoaster.  College graduation, her dream job is gone, and a death cause her father’s life in Australia to collide with his life in Idaho. 

Life changing secrets come to light and she depends on family to help her through.

17- REILLY MORGAN: Arenas and Corrals

What could be better than a week at the Horse Expo with the family and then a week at the ranch riding horses and branding cows?
The two weeks of adventures leads Reilly to the answer to the question every high school senior is asked.
What are you going to do with the rest of your life?

Its harvest time on the Tagger family farm and ranch. The only adult that can get away is Nora’s mom. but when she takes Sadie and Wade to a rodeo, it’s a surprising weekend companion that takes Nora to her horse show. 

It’s a weekend that changes her life forever.

14- NORA:  Three Horses and a Dream

Life on the Tagger Enterprise Ranch has been more than Josey could have dreamed. Her life is full of working horses with Grayson, cows with Jessup, and getting to know her newly found sister, Nikki.
As much as she hates the thought, she needs to confront the past to be able to have the future she wants with all her heart.  But what she discovers leaves her with more questions than answers and sends her on another path of discovery.


Life is good for Reilly. His dad buys him his first truck the same weekend he meets Kelly, the summer help at The Stables.  Then…it all goes downhill when he hears his dad is moving them back to their Texas family, away from the Taggers and the Tagger herd.

It’s a summer of rodeos and farming for Wade. The perfect way to spend it as far as he is concerned. He even makes a new friend.  Then Cora tells him she’s leaving.  Dealing with her announcement is hard enough but he also deals with the continuous aches in his joints that include toe curling shoots of pain.


Christmas, always a favorite time of year at the ranch for Reilly and the family.  Kelly is visiting for the holiday, he’s involved in some epic surprises and a snow storm threatens to strand them at the ranch.  Could that really be that bad? 

The only thing that dampers the spirit is the invitation to a New Year’s Eve party for him and Grace.  It comes with a foreboding of impending doom.



Nora’s summer is all about horses; eat, breathe, sleep, think, talk, walk. 
Horse shows, rodeos, ranch work, training; with cutting lessons and competitions thrown in.  A perfect summer?
Her new cutting coach is pressuring her to drop her royalty dreams, Arcturus isn’t winning and she doesn’t know why, Sadie is still having problems running barrels, and then there’s Billy.
That perfect summer isn’t quite so perfect.

 Horses, cows, trucks and tractors...who wouldn’t love the ranch life!  Wade Tagger is livin’ the life...until an accident threatens to take it all away. When he refuses to discuss what happened, the family tries to unravel the mystery of the accident while facing the life or death surgery of Wade’s rescued horse, Rooster.

When not ranching with his sister, Matt spends his time adventuring with the woman of his dreams.  To add to life's adventure, he also focuses on search 
and rescue; whether training or when called on to help.  Life couldn’t be better, until a friend’s tragedy shatters his world.  What will it take for him to get his confidence back?


When her fiance leaves a week before the wedding, Nikki focuses on her equine rehabilitation business which is growing with injured, neglected, and rescued horses.  Her family does everything they can to help her, but they can't give her the one thing she needs.  The answer to why he left. 

18- Nikki Tagger: Family
THE TAGGER HERD - The Introduction


Newly widowed, Cora Smith, has learned her late husband may have purchased animals, but she hasn’t been home since before his death.  A business card from his wallet leads her to call the Tagger family horse stables for help.  It’s the phone call that changes the Tagger family forever.  Dru Tagger volunteers her nieces, nephew and the stable manager’s son to ride with her to check on the woman’s remote Idaho property.  What they find leads them into a desperate race to rescue a small herd of horses.  They fight to keep them alive and unravel the mystery of why he bought the horses without telling anyone.   And what is Cora’s Gift?

15- GRACE:  The Past and the Future

To Sadie, there is nothing better than a week in the mountains riding horses and branding cows.  With the second ranch in the family it meant twice the work…or twice the fun as Sadie would say.
Having turned twelve, she was now old enough to help in the corrals while they worked.  She had waited her whole live for this week!
So, how exactly, did she end up outside the corrals the whole week instead?

It’s branding week at the ranch, Sadie’s favorite time of the year, and this is the year she is old enough to help with the cattle roundup.    It starts out well...

The Tagger Herd is healthy enough for training and a horse meeting is called to decide if each horse is with the  right rider in the best discipline for the horse.  When Nora’s selfishness drives Sadie over the edge her temper takes over with disastrous consequences.

It was supposed to be a day that was going to change her life.  When Sadie opened her eyes that morning she wasn’t where she wanted to be or had dreamt of being.  It was dark when she walked Little Ghost out of the barn to go to the arena for an early morning ride. Her dad was leaving for work with Eli already in the trailer, so she loaded Little Ghost and hitched a ride.  She had no idea the life-changing journey that lay ahead. She had no idea the life-changing journey that lay ahead.

19- Wade Tagger: Giving It Your All

There is nothing more important to Grace than family…nothing. 

When her family is threatened, she steps forward and takes charge. 

When life threatens to repeat itself, she takes charge. But her take charge attitude begins to crumble when she looks into the future.

20- Sadie Tagger: Day of the Dingo

Riding the mountains, farming, fencing, cattle drives, with some search and rescue thrown in; it’s all in a day’s work for Matt.  But after months of planning they finally take a break from it all and head to Billings, Montana for the horse auction.  There are surprises at every turn; including an unexpected and very unwanted visit from the past.

Matt takes Reilly, Grace and three of the young Tagger Herd horses on a
training trip to the rugged mountains of the Idaho Clearwater National
Forest.  Trail riding in the mountains he loves, with the teenagers and
beloved horses begins as a great adventure, until they witness a plane
go down and rush to help.  

Wade and Sadie arrive in Pocatello, Idaho for the Jr. High School State Rodeo Finals.  They have to give it their all to make it to the Jr. High School National Finals Rodeo.

But, it’s when they come home that they learn what “giving it your all” really means.